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A New Adventure! Sailing to Cabo

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Ever since my husband and I got back from two years of travel (and here's where I plug MY NEW BOOK about it), we get asked a lot "where to next?" My answer is usually "nowhere since we have real jobs now, aging dogs, bills to pay, etc." This isn't entirely true, since we do use every three or four day weekend as an excuse to take off in our van. But now it's time I actually have a big adventure to announce! We will be two of a four person crew sailing a 37-foot Beneteau from San Diego to San Jose del Cabo on November 4th, with the Baja Ha-Ha.

This will be two weeks of sailing 750 miles, with two stops along the way. With us will be approximately 150 other boats. Besides the two breaks, we will be sailing 24/7, with at least two of us awake taking four hour shifts together at a time. I would definitely not call myself a pro-sailor, but after this I guess I will be. The longest trip I have done is to, and around, Catalina Island from San Diego. I am equally excited as I am nervous about this adventure! The rest of this entry will detail prepping and packing, but if you have any other questions shoot them in a comment!

Raising the Baja Ha-Ha flag


Of course there is a lot that has had to be done to the boat before we set sail, but my personal prepping has been taking care of the emergency kits, first aid, my personal life jacket (a $200 expense), food, entertainment, doctors appointments, research, bank/phone stuff, and packing.


  • (Vegan) Food Ideas: Coffee, creamer, tea, hot chocolate, beans, rice, tortillas, nutritional yeast, hot sauce, peanut butter, dried fruit, baked tofu (I eat it as is), jerky, bars, mac n cheese, BBQ-ables, marinated jackfruit, and a Tofurky "ham." I plan to live off of these for the whole two weeks. Hopefully I don't get scurvy.

  • Misc Items: Emergency kit, first aid, life jacket, prescription sun glasses and contacts, passport and documents, cash, floaties (just for fun), binoculars, dry bag and purse or fannypack, coffee/water bottle, snorkel stuff, knife, sleeping bag, eye mask, ear plugs, small fan.

  • Electronics: CDs and DVDs, audiobooks/podcasts, iPod and headphones, dSLR camera, power bank, headlamp, chargers, bike light to use as a red light for night sailing.

  • Clothes: Running pants, shorts, shirts, sun shirt, base layers, underwear, socks, bathing suit, rain jacket, puffy jacket, sun hat, beanie, flip flops, water shoes, buff and bandana.

  • Toiletries: Bug spray, medicines, soap, tooth stuff, hairbrush, tissues.

I will post updates and stories after the trip, since I will not have blogging capabilities during. Thanks for reading!

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